DIY make your own beaded necklace

What is more fun than a beaded necklace? A self-made bead necklace! Yes, that's right! You can now make the nicest necklaces yourself. In this blog I will explain how you can do that.

First, order your favorite color or color mix. You can also choose gold or silver beads and pearls.

When you receive your package, it will contain the following items:

Beads in the color of your choice
1 clasp
2 rings
3 squeeze beads
An extension chain
a piece of wire

What you also have or need to buy are a pair of flat-head pliers and a pair of cutters. You can buy these at DIY stores, Action or online.

Step 1:
Thread 1 pinch bead and the clasp onto the wire. Make a small loop and thread this back through the pinch bead. Squeeze the pinch bead closed with the flat nose pliers.

Step 2:
Thread all the beads in the order you like onto the wire.

Step 3:
When the necklace is the right length (I always check this by pretending to put the necklace on) you can close it.

Step 4:
Finally, close the chain by threading a pinch bead onto the wire. Then you thread the ring with the extension chain on to the wire. Now make a loop like you did in the first step. Thread the end through the pinch bead and through the other beads (if it is too long, you can cut off some of the thread). When the loop is small enough, squeeze the pinch bead tightly.

Tadaaa... there is your self-made necklace.

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