The story of Byloot

In May 2020, I was in quarantine due to COVID-19. That week I was mainly busy with my business studies studies, until I accidentally saw an advertisement for a bead shop in Maastricht.

This immediately piqued my interest, and I asked my mother if she happened to have some beads lying around that I could use to make jewelry. If you know my mother at all, you know that she has everything when it comes to crafts, so the answer was simple: yes, she did.

Out came a complete box of jewelry parts. I started making handmade beaded jewelry and soon my friends asked if I could make some for them too. I liked this new hobby so much that I created an Instagram profile (@Bylo.ot), and over time a sales point followed at Bymas & Lex in De Lier. Not much later I built my own webshop with some help from my brother.

Now it is 3.5 years later and I have experienced a lot with Byloot. The quality of my jewelry has improved, I have been able to sell the jewelry in various stores and have participated in numerous Christmas markets and fairs. Byloot has become more than a hobby; it is a passion and a way to express my creativity.

Thank you for being part of this amazing journey. Your support and appreciation energize Byloot and make it shine like never before.

About the owner of byloot

Picture perfect

Beautiful photos of the products are needed for Instagram and the webshop. Taking photos is something I have always enjoyed, so I quickly decided to buy a professional camera. A big investment, but I love being behind the camera and trying to portray the products as best as possible. I get a lot of pleasure from this.