How do I clean my jewellery properly?

How do I clean my jewelry properly?

How do you clean jewelry? A question that probably doesn't often occur to you. Because 'stainless steel jewelery doesn't discolour, so it doesn't need to be cleaned, does it?

The byloot range consists of the most part of stainless steel jewellery, which means that you can enjoy your jewelery for an extra long time. Cleaning your jewelery is very important to enjoy your jewelery for a longer time, regardless of the material. There can also be bacteria on your jewelry, which you can get rid of this way.

Cleaning stainless steel jewellery

Stainless steel says it all. This material does not discolor. However, this material also needs to be freshened up from time to time, so that it always shines on your wrist or neck.

  1. Lay your stainless steel jewelery down on a clean cloth.
    Make a lather (without chlorine!) with lukewarm water.
    Clean your jewelery by hand or with a cloth in the soapy water.
    Then put them back on the clean cloth and pat your jewelery dry.
    If you want to remove more dirt from the corners, you can use a soft, unused toothbrush. (First, soak your jewelry in water for a little longer to loosen the dirt.
    Finally, you can polish your jewelery with a cloth with baby oil for the finishing touch. Jewelery polishing has never been so easy!

    Tip: Are you going to clean your earrings? Then don't forget to put the backs of the earrings in the soapy water. With a cotton bud you can easily remove any dirt.

How do you keep your jewelry clean?

Tips & tricks to keep your jewelry clean:

Take off your jewelry when you are going to exercise
Wait about 30 minutes before putting on your jewelry if you have just applied a cream to your body.
Avoid contact with hairspray, perfume and other sprays
Take off your jewelry when going to sleep
Take off jewelry when in contact with water, such as swimming, washing up or cleaning
Do you follow the above tips, but your jewelery still discolors? It is so that every skin has a different pH value. This value of your skin influences the process of oxidation (discoloration). So it may be that your jewelery discolors faster than that of your friend.

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