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Byloot is a boho & timeless jewelry brand based in the Netherlands. High quality handmade jewelry, everyday jewelry that every woman wants! Discover the latest fashion trends including jewelry inspiration, stainless steel chains, unique necklaces, boho bracelets, aesthetic rings and statement earrings. Shipping throughout Europe, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, etc. Buy your new favorite jewelry at

Issue 02

Byloot het magazine

Ontdek de betovering van feestelijke glans in ons nieuwe Byloot magazine! Verken onze sprankelende collectie sieraden en laat je inspireren voor elke gelegenheid. Van glitterende oorbellen tot weelderige statement pieces, vind je perfecte feestaccessoires. Blader door onze pagina's vol prachtige foto's en boeiende verhalen. Leer tips en trends kennen om je feestlook te verfraaien en te schitteren. Bij Byloot is luxe toegankelijk en elk juweel vertelt een uniek verhaal. Laat het magazine je betoveren en de feestdagen verlichten met glans. Mis deze sprankelende editie niet, waar elk detail de magie van Byloot vastlegt!

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Het nieuwe magazine van byloot over alle trends in sieraden land

Issue 01

Byloot the magazine

In this magazine you can read all about Byloot's story, tips to create a beautiful layer party, the new branding and, above all, many beautiful inspiration photos of the products.

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Frequently asked questions


Is the jewelry discolouring?

If a piece of jewelry discolors, it is due to a reaction to liquids. Most Byloot jewelry is made of stainless steel. These do not discolour, even when they come into contact with a liquid. Handmade jewelry is made from different materials and can sometimes react to liquids. Are you in doubt? Then send us a message!

Do you make everything yourself?

When I started, I made all the jewelry myself. Over time, I noticed that stainless steel jewelry such as rings and earrings was also in high demand. I don't make them myself at the moment. However, it is always possible to have your jewelry custom made. This way you can put together your perfect piece of jewelry yourself.

Where can I view and buy Byloot jewelry?

From February 2023 you can view a nice selection of the Byloot range in the Beauty X store in Wateringen, Pijnacker and Naaldwijk. You can also always make an appointment to view the jewelry in the studio in Kwintsheul. I will keep you informed of all the news surrounding Byloot via social media and I will also announce here when I am present at a market or trade fair.

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Are all earrings nickel free?

Yes, the earrings are nickel-free according to European Union guidelines. This legislation means that metal jewelry may not release more than 0.5 μg nickel per cm2 per week with intensive skin contact. Every skin is different and can therefore react differently to jewelry. If you want to know more about this, you can always send me a message.

The piece of jewelry is sold out, will it be returned?

Yes and no... Jewelry that I design and select is made in small stocks. I think it is important that there is regular innovation within the Byloot collection. Of course you can always send me a message to ask if your favorite product will be returned.