Create your own #earparty

Create your own #earparty

You probably hear and see it more and more often #earparty, but what is it exactly and how can you compose your own earparty? More and more women don't just have a hole in their earlobe, but also a helix piercing, a button in the tragus, or a second or even a third hole. In this article I will give you some tips to create your own perfect earparty!

The first steps

An important point to consider is the balance. Your earrings often look best when you pay attention to the order. Therefore, try to experiment with different colours, materials, shapes and sizes.

It is important to match your earparty to your outfit choice. For example, a nice big earparty is more suitable for a party than for a day at the office. So think carefully about what you want to project with your earparty.


Different earparty's

There are an infinite number of earrings, so you can create many different earparties.

1. The minimalist ear party

A minimalist ear party consists mainly of basic earrings. You can combine nice little earrings with each other, like studs and small rings. When you really want to create a minimalistic look, it's best not to use too many different shapes and sizes, so you can create a nice balance.

2. The ear party with medium earrings
At this earparty you can go crazy with all the rings and studs in different sizes. The earrings don't have to be big, but they can stand out! The most important thing is that you can create a playful effect. For example, combine many different earrings and studs. There is no need to put your biggest earring in the first hole and the smallest in the last. Be creative! Mix & Match as you like!

3. The statement ear party
If you love real eye-catchers, these tips are perfect for you. Important: choose one pair of statement earrings and combine them with small earrings or studs. This way you make sure there is balance in your statement earparty. Do you have a party planned this weekend? Then the statement ear party is the perfect match for your outfit!

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